More Reliable

We have a service level uptime of 99.9%. With no major incidents in the past 2 years. If you can’t reach the services on our platform it’s probably because you are doing something wrong.

More Secure

Hundreds of engineers and technical architects have been evolved in commissioning the AllCloudUp platform alongside our datacentre partners. The hardware, firmware, middleware and operating systems of all devices are constantly upgraded, penetration tested and patched. Can you say this about the servers in your office?

Faster Support

The services provided to you are run on equipment only a few meters away from a datacentre floor technician. Placing your IT services in the cloud will ensure the fastest available response to your problems.

Empowers Staff

Staff can work from any location and be as flexible as they and you desire.

Improves Productivity

Employees can access their services and data from any location, at any time.

Fully Backed up

We take backups of all data and services on the platform daily and retain these backups for 30 days.

Disaster Recovery Planned

If your IT services are all cloud based, your disaster recovery plan is already taken care of. Good Cloud IT satisfies both insurance companies and stakeholders.

Available Anywhere

Our platform ensures your information is available on every device you logon to.

Cost Less

All cost analysis we have performed indicates that cloud computing costs less over a 5 year period than the setup, licensing, maintenance and running costs of a traditional IT system.

Why Move To The Cloud?

In simple terms, cloud computing is computing based, not in a physical machine, but on the internet. Instead of a bulky server housing all your integral business IT programmes, data and processes these are ‘hosted’ off-premise in huge data centres. A data centre is basically a giant server (made up of multiple high powered servers) where, along with thousands of other businesses, your business IT services are kept – or hosted – for access whenever you need them. So, you’ve freed up a bit of space in the office by not having a server but the benefits of moving your IT into the cloud go far, far beyond that. For businesses, cloud computing improves efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing overheads and increasing profit margins. Sound good?

AllCloudUp have several years’ experience providing cloud hosting for businesses of all sizes – in effect, we are a virtual IT department.

If you are serious about business here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider cloud computing!

Money saving
Always at the forefront of a business owner’s mind, moving your IT to the cloud can make you considerable costs savings. Most hosting companies sell off-the-shelf or bespoke hosting packages to suit businesses of different sizes and with varying IT needs. Whether you opt for packaged or tailored hosting you will benefit from a predictable, monthly fee, enabling you to budget effectively.

There are also costs savings to be made by reducing the time and money spent upgrading and maintaining your business IT systems yourself; cloud hosting removes the need to purchase expensive annual software licenses or pay premium rates for an engineer on emergency call out.

Cost savings
Initially, this was the most cited reason for a move to the cloud. It’s not necessarily the biggest driver but with the drive towards more with less, it’s always going to be a factor in the move towards cloud.
There are many reasons why cloud is cheaper: the most obvious of them is that the large cloud providers are able to benefit from huge economies from scale and thus be able to offer more computing power at a lower cost.
a prime driver for cloud computing is the ability to pay for what’s being used and not be compelled to pay for unused services.