Cloud Windows Server

How to establish a secure testing environment with a dedicated windows server

These Windows servers are ideal for test, development and production use for internet facing applications or even private systems such as primary or secondary fail-over domain controllers. Customers can install their own application software and have full administrative rights over the virtual machine. A standard external Windows Firewall configuration is applied to provide a default level of basic protection for the server. Additional Windows Firewall and optional AV protection is available within the Windows Server 2008/2012 operating systems.





VM availability via VPN, RDC or web browser

Firewall Protection

The cloud hosting guide – why dedicated servers are the future of cloud computing

  • Plan

    Plan your next server in the cloud. No more capital expenditure and no longer will you be responsible for maintenance of hardware on site.

The benefits of a cloud hosted server – why you need one for your business today

VM templates with different Operating Systems and default characteristics.YES
Windows 2008/2012 is fully supportedYES
Change vCPU count and memory size for already provisioned machines, this usually will require a restart of the virtual machine. Resource on the fly.YES
Increase the secondary Hard Disk Size for already provisioned virtual machine. The Primary (Boot) Drive is fixed in size.YES
Additional IPsYES
Control Panel Provisioning, Status and ManagementYES
Stop/Start VM at any timeYES
Firewall included. VM availability via VPN, RDC or web browserYES