Migration Planning

How to migrate your website – the support you need

Successfully planning a hosting net migration – the must-have information from IT pro’s

Our strategic consultants will plan and project manage the migration of your IT to the cloud. Keeping you informed every step of the way, we will ensure the transition goes smoothly and with no costly interruption to service. They will develop an easy-to-follow net migration plan and, taking great care to ensure the safe migration of your data, programmes and systems, move your existing on-premise networks into the cloud.

How easy is it to change to cloud hosting? A user guide

Your strategic consultant will:

  • Act as a dedicated point of contact throughout the net migration
  • Identify the best time to migrate your IT, causing minimal disruption
  • Mitigate the security risks when moving your data to the cloud
  • Complete all tasks to project management methodology, saving you time and money
  • Streamline your existing IT systems and processes
  • Undertake final testing to confirm the migration is complete and you are 100% satisfied

Net migration, why make it complicated? Leave it to the experts, leave it to Kore Networks




Move your onsite IT

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We Are At Your Service

We aim to make the migration of your existing IT systems to Kore Networks seamless and hassle-free,  with little to no downtime. We know that the smooth transition of IT infrastructure is one of the biggest worries of business owners and one of the biggest barriers to switching suppliers in the first place.

Free of charge

Unlike some cloud hosting providers, Kore Networks will migrate your on-site IT to the cloud completely free of charge. However, just because we are doing it for free doesn’t mean it we won’t do it well!

On-site IT

Where your data, programmes and systems is currently stored


We will safely migrate your on-site IT..

The Cloud

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