Searching for a Cloud Hosted Telephone System in the Manchester area?
Take a look at what we can offer your Manchester organisation…


Save up to 80% on your call spend and cost of ownership in comparison to a traditional Cloud Telephone Systems

The Benefits

  • Instant disaster recovery from anywhere
  • Instantly multi-site ready, with no further costs
  • No incoming lines/ISDN to consider
  • Not restricted to incoming simultaneous call volume
  • Managed and available from anywhere via a web interface
  • Keep your existing telephone number
  • 100% up time guarantee – uses the robustness of the cloud
  • Low overall cost of ownership
  • Lower landline and mobile call costs
  • Next generation hosted PBX features such as:
  • Abbreviated Dial
  • AutoAttendant
  • Call Forward / Call Park
  • Call Queueing / Transfer / Waiting
  • Caller ID / Caller-waiting ID
  • DDIs / Do Not Disturb features
  • Hunt Groups / Ring Groups / Ring Tones
  • Virtual Switchboards
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Music On Hold
  • Conference Calling
  • Voicemail(…for a full list contact us)
  • Online Billing Portal – access your bills anytime.
  • Smart Phone Integration – switch between using your desk extension and mobile phone from anywhere.
  • Multinational organization touch for small business organization

How is it different?

A Cloud Hosted Telephone System means you can decommission costly PBX hardware on your Manchester site. Get rid of your PBX maintenance agreement, forget about PBX breakdowns and benefit from all the additional functionality.

Our Cloud Hosted PBX is built with call-quality and availability in mind that is perfect for small business as well as for large business. Hosted within the BT IP Exchange within BT’s core network, our platform successfully handles thousands of calls per day for our Manchester clients. Due to the platform’s location and connectivity, there is unrestricted call volumes and the quality of service is second to none.


  • Hosted PBX Seat
  • £5
  • Hosted PBX Seat
    (with call recording)
  • £11

Cost per month. Call charges negotiable depending on volume..

  • Destination
  • UK Local
  • UK National
  • UK Mobiles
  • International
  • Cost Per Minute
  • 1p
  • 1p
  • 3p
  • Negotiable

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The Control Panel

AllCloudUp offers you an affordable VOIP system, the 2 different PBX packages that we offer to you are cost efficient; they will save you money and improve communication within your Manchester organization.

FREE DEMONSTRATION we are so confident you’ll be impressed by our Cloud Telephone Systems, we’ll demonstrate it working at your office.