Disaster Recovery Planning 

Disaster Recovery – Why you need it when your website crashes

Website disaster plan – the ultimate contingency plan for your online business

The impact of your IT systems ‘going down’ can be disastrous for your business. The unexpected loss of key data, sensitive personal and financial information can damage customer relationships, erode the trust of your staff, put you in breach of the law and, ultimately, ruin your bottom line and your ability to continue trading.

All this, and more, could be avoided by taking some simple precautions for your business IT infrastructure. Kore Networks’ Disaster Recovery Service is a multi-tiered service that aims to maintain business continuity if an IT accident occurs.

Why you need IT Support

Your website down? Recover from our business and technical support

At Kore Networks we understand every business is different and we think a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t always best for our clients. Working closely with you to understand the critical needs of your business our strategic consultants will build a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) uniquely tailored for you. Your DRP will contain the necessary processes for the safeguarding of your IT systems and the safe recovery of your data should an accident happen – always working to your requirements and within your budget.

Is your website down? How to check, fix and get back online

As part of our Disaster Recovery Service, in the event of an emergency, we will replace your damaged systems quickly, provide a new safe space to begin working from, ensure the data you have in the cloud is secure but always accessible to you, and send any essential IT services down from the cloud to help you get up and running again.

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As an IT support business, we are known for our quick responses and high quality service we provide to our customers. You are our priority, and we put your needs first.  Find out why more people are coming to us for IT support and emergencies.

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