Unbeatable IT Network Support


The ultimate IT support package – why IT support is the future of digital business

Is your business lacking efficient IT support? Looking for a reliable IT Network Support Service in the Greater Manchester area? Kore Network’s team of IT Support Engineers and IT Support Analysts are always ready to give you the IT help and support you need; offering fast responses, quality business IT Support, Windows technical support and more.

 Our other IT services include:

>>Cloud Back up


>>Migration Planning

>>Disaster Recovery Planning

  • IT services tailored for your Greater Manchester organisation
  • Reliable IT support and IT help to keep your systems online
  • 1 hour FREE IT network support call for new enquiries
  • Flexible, IT & network support remote services for the Greater Manchester area
  • A secure, reliable and proven system
  • All of our IT support engineers are Microsoft Certified (MCSE)
  • We also have a Linux Certified Systems Administrator on board
  • We are a Dell Premier Partner (meaning good discounts and vendor support)
  • We are experienced IT Network Infrastructure Specialists
  • Our contract support is underpinned by our customised pro-active monitoring. This means we monitor your network 24/7 and get alerts if there’s an incident
  • We have a fantastic online support feature where you can create and track service incidents
  • All online support tickets fire directly to our mobile devices

Certified Support Team

We have a brilliant team of qualified IT Network Support Engineers and Analysts ready to help you in times of need. We listen carefully to your issues and work together to create a custom IT Support Plan, specially tailored for your business.

High Quality Support

IT Network Support is one of our key priorities, we are known for our high quality services we provide to our client’s companies. Located in the heart of Manchester, we are quick to respond and very focused on IT support for our Greater Manchester client’s companies.

What IT services do you really need?

Individual Account Manager

We will assign one of our IT  Support Engineers to your company. This allows him/her to  become familiar with your IT setup and your company’s individual requirements.

Guaranteed Response Time

Because we know how frustrating and expensive downtime can be, Kore Networks guarantee a response to your problem within 4 hours. 1 hour if business is critical.

Scheduled Monthly Health Checks

In order to prevent problems before they arise, every month an IT Support Engineer will perform various tests and processes to ensure the network is running efficiently.

General Maintenance

Whether adding a new user to the network or setting up a printer on a computer, no issue is too small to be addressed.

Unlimited Support

Kore Networks realises that in some months you will have more IT problems than others and will need the IT help. This is why we do not limit our IT Network support services.

Online Incident Management

Kore Networks has an online IT Network Support help desk proven best for all Greater Manchester companies, whereby users can create incidents and track their progress through to resolution. All tickets are dynamically updated and email notification is sent directly to the user. This is convenient and most beneficial to ourselves and client’s companies.

Pro-Active Remote Monitoring

Because proactive maintenance is most cost-effective; Kore Networks monitors your servers to ensure the latest security patches have been applied and that there are no service issues.

How We Monitor Your IT